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Our next „baby“ has started into the new tour.

The guys of QUEENMANIA - Sonny, Andrea, Tiziano, Fabrizio and Mattia - and Susi and Sarah as special guests have been touring the country since Nov 3rd and rocking the stages with "FOREVER QUEEN". [more]

The great Freddie Mercury would have turned 70 this year and this calls for a celebration. So lets all celebrate a glamorous party together with QUEENMANIA at "FOREVERQUEEN -The Ultimate Tribute"! A very personal video invitation by Sonny Ensabella & Co. is available on our Facebook page. ;-)


Private interview

We asked our dear boss and RESET Production owner Michael Noll on various topics relating to our productions. [more]

The result is an exciting conversation about his personal motivation, great teamwork and real challenges in daily life of an event management company. You can read the complete interview on our website. And maybe you have any further questions to Michael Noll. Please let us know – We can make another interview. :-) Oh, and there is also a fancy new "About Us":


August - Our birthday month

We are celebrating RESET PRODUCTIONS 5th birthday and want to thank you - our dear guests and friends - for your loyalty and support. [more]

Our raffle „We are looking for the SUPER fan“ is in full swing.


Rainer from Dachau was absolutely thrilled

when he learned that he won one of the coveted extra roles in "SERVUS PETER".[more]

Rainer will be on stage in Munich on January 3rd, together with the stars of our "Heile Welt“- Musical and will delight the audience. And  - who knows - maybe it´s  the beginning of a wonderful acting career. :-) Have a lot of fun, Rainer!


Finally more space

for creative ideas and great show concepts![more]

Reset Production expanded rapidly in the last few years. So larger premises were needed urgently. Now the removal is completed and everything worked out so well. It was real teamwork. Everyone has helped with the move and thanks to the great professional support of “QST Umzüge Gera” there were no big damages. Ok, except the poor palm tree.  ;-) A big thank you again to all hard-working helpers.