Performed By Catapult Entertainment (USA)

Extraordinary! Breathtaking! Spectacular!

The fascinating journey into the world of shadows

AMAZING SHADOWS is the visual top class spectacle for the whole family. Enormous demands, frequent enthusiastic scene applause and a completely spell bound audience-the Shadow Dance Theater AMAZING SHADOWS attracts visitors world wide into its spell.

The show is performed by Catapult Entertainment-the shadow dance-star ensemble from the United States. They have managed to pull the"America's Got Talent" judges and millions of TV-viewers into their spell.Catapult can be seen now for the first time live in Germany.

AMAZING SHADOWS is a great theater experience, simultaneously incorporating dance and acrobatics, all in all, making it a true feast forthe senses. Shadows come to life. The artists manage to create, with enormous easeand yet incredible precision, animals, people and machines all with their bodies...forming whole worlds that appear in the realm of shadows. Scene transitions are depicted by the dancers at incredible speeds. New images appear partially by the minute.

Atmospheric musicand expressive video projections also ensurean extraordinary experience.

AMAZING SHADOWS – Passion for light and shadows

Anyone who experiences this show on stage, could only imagine how much heart, soul and passion these dedicated artists put into their work, and how much effort and training is required in order for the performance to look so effortless and playful. The passion for the interplay of light and darkness has fascinated people for a long time, where the two hand guessing shadow games that were considered to be a part of an enjoyable evening with the family, are now, thanks to incredible body control of trained acrobats, transformed into a wonderful shadow theater. What has already been seen many times on major TV-shows can now be experienced live and up close. The buzz is of course great, as one can only imagine the level of commitment put into the artists when for example over dimensional animals appear in a matter of seconds, creating a genuine real art experience live on stage.

The show is very wellthought out and exceptional artists, dancers and acrobats ensure that the music and acts in AMAZING SHADOWS wonderfully fit together. Here you can enjoy lovely music while your eyes are being simultaneously pampered with new and magnificent silhouettes. The most beautiful poetry enables the shadow dances of theartists to reach an incredible level of sentimentality. Whether it’s animals, oversized people, impressive machines or silhouettes of complete cities, the artists from the Shadow Dance Theater AMAZING SHADOWS prove how a crobatics can totally inspire audiences. Therefore, it is not surprising that this performance is great fun for the whole family, for young and old that sit in complete fascination on their seats tobe entertained by the rapid rhythmical and ever-changing images of a fascinating shadow world.

AMAZING SHADOWS captures audiences into far away worlds

As soon as the viewer has taken his place to experience the shadow dance theater AMAZING SHADOWS, he will be captured almost immediately into beautiful worlds. The world conquering and fascinating mix of acrobatics and poetry leaves behind nothing but happy spectators who are left with wonderful memories and a need to retell those wonderful experiences. But as fascinating as then arrative accounts of these performancesmay be, they are immediately exceeded by a live experience of one of the outstanding performances of the Shadow Dance Theater AMAZING SHADOWS.

Great press coverage for AMAZING SHADOWS

The German press can write nothing but praise, for those who have experienced this show are simply and completely thrilled and entertained. "Great art.  A choreographic magical moment", are some of the things you can read at the Rheinzeitung, and the Fuldaer Zeitung mentions: "Long-lasting applause for this wonderful virtual journey". Even the Wolfsburger Zeitung says,"As fascinating as shadows could ever be", and the Badische Zeitung is writes enthusiastically,"AMAZING SHADOWS–Extraordinary!Breathtaking!Spectacular". The audiencecan only agree completely, because what's happening on stage can only be described as an unforgettable experience.Body controlin total perfection, where the audiencecan only marvel and get excited every time an animal, a machine or a special scene that is created by the artist is quickly recognized.

Limited VIP-Tickets

There are 16 limited VIP-Arrangements in every German city during the tour, which you can book on only. One VIP package includes the seat in your favourite price category and the following services:

  • Welcome Drink and Welcome Gift (Surprise!)
  • A Gift to remember (VIP-Pass with Lanyard) + tour poster
  • Meet & Greet + Entrance separately + leave your jacket for free

Surcharge to the regular tickets: 29,90 €, available in every category.


Children between 7-12 years 10,00 € for every ticket; groups of 10 or more 5,00 € for every ticket.