DANCE MASTERS! Best of Irish Dance

A fascinating journey through the time of Ireland of the last 200 years – Irish likely and lively

DANCE MASTERS! tells the history of the Irish tap dancing in a musical and dancing form.
A touching love story between Patrick and Kate presents different times from the 18th century until the present today

Sections of the best Irish tap dancers show the various facets of the Irish tap dance with authentic and colourful costumes.
Successful choreographies and the perfect “clicks” which you can not surpass are fascinating the audience again and again.

Traditional Irish music (live singing and acting) and beautiful pictures of the green Island will create sparks and show the Irish zest for life.
DANCE MASTERS! Best of Irish Dance delights the audience for many years.
In the last years DANCE MASTERS! fascinated the audience in more than 200 shows in Germany – the demand for this impressing Irish dance show is continuing unabated.

It is a really good produced show which combines traditional elements and modern entertainment perfectly and triggers torrents of enthusiasm every evening.

There also will be a screen with live transmission of the show.
When dancers will whirl around the stage and show their dances very quickly the audience wants to know how this is working. In this moment you see Irish dance and Irish zest of live with DANCE MASTERS! on stage. Some dance admires will think that they can not learn it. But it is a pleasure to follow the dancers on stage when they tell the history of Ireland.

Irish Dance at the highest level

Who loves tap dancing and wants to see it in perfection then DANCE MASTERS! Best of Irish Dance is the ultimate fan experience. Take a seat and be fascinated when the dancers will perform the clicks very quickly how it is possible in Ireland only. When you stayed for a trip in Ireland then you know the Irish songs and typical Irish mood from your own personal experience and you are happy when you see and hear the Irish show on stage.
In this way you can notice that art comes from ability and that there are professionals on stage. For this show the training for years was very successful and who follows the quick steps will know that there is presented a high professional performance with best choreography and body control. With harp playing, guitar sound and the famous Irish fiddle the stage will be Ireland and the dance performance shows traditional Irish dance theatre.

Experience the history of the DANCE MASTERS! live

With a magical story outline the audience will experience a perfect event that combines elegance from the dance performances and the zest of life of Ireland on stage. In this way you learn about the history of the DANCE MASTERS! and the dance teachers who went from town to town to teach dance to young peoples. You also will learn about dance groups which were casted and competitions between groups of different towns. Not only the 18th century is part of the show. The audience will also see sections from the 20th century, specially the 80ies and 60ies.

The dance group of DANCE MASTERS! shows the beginning of the Irish dance and reasons why people from all over the world love this dance event in a powerful and thrilling way. The audience is impressed and the German press have many praises for DANCE MASTERS!. The Fränkische Nachrichten wrote: “Great originality and a colourful variety involve the ever-changing costumes of the dancers.” Furthermore the DANCE MASTERS! Best of Irish Dance was mentioned in the Freie Presse: “The danced joy of life with rhythmical step, fluent dreams on toe-dance and cleanly sung in a thrilling acting way…!”

Limited VIP-Tickets

There are 16 limited VIP-Arrangements in every German city during the tour, which you can book on only. One VIP package includes the seat in your favourite price category and the following services:

  • Welcome Drink and Welcome Gift (Surprise!)
  • A Gift to remember (VIP-Pass with Lanyard) + tour poster
  • Meet & Greet + Entrance separately + leave your jacket for free

Surcharge to the regular tickets: 29,90 €, available in every category.


Children between 7-12 years 10,00 € for every ticket; groups of 10 or more 5,00 € for every ticket.