MASSACHUSETTS - The Bee Gees Musical

Das BEE GEES Musical

Music Performed by THE ITALIAN BEE GEES
Songs like „To Love Somebody“ and „Night Fever“ to „You Win Again“

The Italian Bee Gees revive the career and all songs from the Gibb brothers in the musical “Massachusetts”

The Bee Gees and their hits like „Stayin’ Alive“, „Night Fever“ or „Words“ are pop history, but their sound will be alive furthermore: Walter, Davide and Pasquale Egiziano from Paolo in Calabria are fittingly also a brothers trio and named their formation “The Italian Bee Gees”. The show with a rousing sound is a biographical musical which shows all important steps of the “successfully family band of all time” (Guinness Book of Records). The Bee Gees got this US Number one title for six times in a row and they sold 220 million recording medium during their career.  The multimedia show starts from the beginning with „To Love Somebody“ (1967) to the „Saturday Night Fever“ phase and ends with the successful album „E.S.P.“ (1987). On a large screen over the stage will shown pictures, video and sequences from interviews. Short scenes illustrate the career of the native British. The show and the songs are very authentic, for that the keyboard will be played by the long-standing partner of the Bee Gees Blue Weaver! Furthermore the show is very similar to the original Bee Gees und she got the official blessing which pronounced Robin Gibb personal. The three Egizianos and their supporting group invite you to experience this homage and nostalgic trip, “which will entertain every fan of the Gibb brothers” (Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung – a German Newspaper).
The Italian Bee Gees – an intimate relationship
The career of the Italian Bee Gees started in an Italian TV show in July 2010 after performing their Gibb tribute. Since that performance the three singers performed more than 400 concerts in England, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and even in the USA.
Exemplary for this intimate relationship between the families is the fact that the real Bee Gees invite the Egiziano brothers to the big gala to celebrate the 50 years of existence in 2009. The Italians prove the trust and cultivate the musical heritage of the Bee Gees (two of whom have since died). The Italian Bee Gees guarantee “earwigs non-stop” (Freie Presse) and ensure “The resurrection of the cult band” (Wormser Zeitung).

Enjoy the Musical Massachusetts – The BEE GEES Musical

Who take a seat and close the eyes will recognise the exceptionally voices of the brothers Gibb and listen to the attitude toward life which inspires John Travolta to a Saturday Night hip swing. Best live music which does not inspire Bee Gee Fans only. The show illustrates every visitor that in our time the microphone is not a property master only. Massachusetts – The BEE GEES Musical is a show with hand-made music.

Massachusetts revive the Bee Gees

In this way you can experience the real Bee Gees on a screen but the Egiziano brothers show that music and the Bee Gees are alive. When you know the fate and die history of life of the brothers Gibb then they Maurice and Robin will alive. Their music is still alive und will inspire many people. Well: when the feet begin to move und the desire arise to dance then you know it is the music of the Bee Gees. Their distinctive sound you can experience live in the musical Massachusetts.

With original member and musicians of the BEE GEES



Vince Melouney

Vince was one of the original BeeGees and together with Barry, Robin, Maurice Gibb and Colin Petersen, they had 5 International number 1 Hits, MASSACHUSETTS being one of them. Most recently Vince played lead guitar on Paul Jones’s ( Manfred Mann ) 2015 solo Album. Vince was the founding member of Legendary Australian group ‘Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs’ which had 2 number 1 Hits in Australia.

Blue Weaver (keyboarder of the BEE GEES)

Blue Weaver is a British keyboarder, song writer and music producer who were a member of the Bee Gees from 1975 till 1982. Till 1980 he was on stage during the worldwide live shows of the brothers Gibb and he also is co-producer and co-author various Bee Gees songs.

This phase was one of the most successful during the career of the Gibb brothers. In the USA they set the record of the Beatles with six number one hits in a row and the sound track for “Saturday Night Fever” wrote musical history.

More information to the long career of Blue Weaver:

  • founder-member of Amen Corner and Fair Weather
  • member of the bands Strawbs and Mott the Hoople
  • in demand studio musician e.g. for the Pet Shop Boys, Chicago, T Rex, KC + The Sunshine Band, Stevie Wonder and many more…

Dennis Bryon (drummer of the BEE GEES)

Dennis Bryon was born in Cardiff / Wales and began at the age of 14 years with percussion plays. Together with Blue Weaver he founded the tape „Amen Corner“ which counted to the most successful European volume of the sixties. After their resolution Dennis auditioned with Bee Gees and became in 1973 their new member. With him in the percussion they became one of the most successful tape of all times. During his musical career wrote, produced and performed Dennis Bryon among other things with Barbra Streisand, Jimmy Hendrix, Laura Taylor, Yvonne Elliman and Bill Lloyd.i

Also with the artists the prejoy on the tour rises in 2015. However, in the preparations these could not be taken it to transmit a small greeting to your fans.

Blue Weaver and the Italien Bee Gees are glad about you!