Tour shifted

statement of the management of Dan Sperry:

"The Rockstar of Magic" internationally renowned sensation Dan Sperry the Anti-Conjuror is one of the most sought after live entertainers and his unique style of shock illusion and hilariously eccentric and shocking routines have entertained audiences worldwide.  His "Anti-Conjuror Dan Sperry" show has received rave reviews and has attracted large audiences throughout Europe.

Dan is also celebrating his fifth anniversary co-starring and performing in "The Illusionists-Live From Broadway" currently playing throughout the United States. Due to an overwhelming response and requests for additional cities and performance dates for the U.S. tour, Das has had to re-schedule his planned "Anti-Conjuror Dan Sperry" fall 2016 show dates in Germany and postpone them to later dates yet to be announced.

The highly anticipated "Anti-Conjuror Dan Sperry" tour will be expanded throughout Germany with additional new dates and venues. Dan is creating several new and exciting illusions specifically for his loyal European fans. Please continue to check for updated details. The Anti-Conjuror is looking forward to seeing all of his loyal fans in Germany again and thanks you for your continued support.


Dan Sperry -The Rockstar of Magic

"David Copperfield meets Marilyn Manson"

The Rockstar of Magic

Droll-extravagant horror performances made US magician Dan Sperry the Social medium star. In autumn, 2016 the "anti-magician" ("Anti-Conjuror") brings his „literally terrifying show“ (The to Toronto star’) live to Germany. Weird optics, sombre music and makabere shock illusions count to the brand names of the "rock star Of Magic". With this original beginning the tattooed eccentric clearly differentiates himself from the colleagues of the guild. His motto: „Why with magic also a feeling of the indisposition do not cause?“ (planet interview’). 

Sperrys as rapid like unorthodox presentation comes especially with the young target group. More than 20 million clicks on his Youtube videos book this. Instead of dull cylinder tricks and stale map games illusions with razor blades, knives and buzzsaws are offered. To cause creeps except amazement also, Dan Sperry goes not only to the pain border of the spectators, but also to his own: „On the stage you do not feel pain, but above all the reaction of the audience.“ 

The career highlights of the only 31-year-old are numerous: He did magic for the children of US actor Johnny Depp, was distinguished with 17 by famous "The Magic Castle" in Hollywood as "Jüngster Illusionist" and appeared as selbiger for years during the show "The World's Greatest Magic" (Las Vegas). By his helping in "The Illusionists", the worldwide biggest and most successful magic art tour, international solo guest performances and the participation in the TV casting „America's Got of talent“ (2010) grew the popularity of the Wahl-New-Yorkers. (2012) also millions German television viewers count since his final move with the „supertalent“ to his loyal fan crowd, the "Abricabastards".

Dan Sperry - Shock Illusionist

A slope to the cryptic had of the Illusionist from Minnesota already as a youngster: „Already at school hours books, films and music have stamped me which were so: Gore's films, sombre fantasy stories or, for example, art books of Gerald Brom whose style has a certain look“ (planet interview’). 

Today the entertainer realises this passion openly on the stage and interoperates not only by sarcastic-amusing announcements with the show visitors: „If, for example, somebody has to go in the box in which swords are put, then no scarcely dressed assistant. Either I myself go in there or somebody from the audience. An atmosphere of the danger and the feeling originates from it that here nobody is sure. I bring the spectators completely with pleasure sometimes in the Bredouille!“