FOREVER QUEEN -The Ultimate Tribute

A short "foreword"

To all our media partners, a short “foreword”:
Please do not confusethis showwiththe show of our “competitor” that carries the same following name:

Of course we are aware that other QueenTribute shows are of outstanding quality. Therefore, it would be great (if you have the time and would like to) to have you be seduced acoustically and visually by QueenMania:

Thank you for your time!

With Forever Queen, a piece of music history comes back to life again

A spectacular homage to Queen and Freddie Mercury! A great show (which is course Live!) awaits your with an array of costumes, elaborate stage design and emotional video projections.

QueenMania was founded in 2006-the shared passionof the four musicians for Queen was an excellent foundation  for future successes.
Since March 2007,QueenMania are constantly on a "EuropeanTour"with great success in England, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Belgium and now inGermany.
Great successes have allowed QueenMania to be a part of the “the 23rd official QUEEN FAN CLUB CONVENTION” in England. On this occasion,QueenMania was able to share stage and backstage with important musicians of the"Royal Family"such as Spike Edney, Jamie Moses, Peter Freestone, Jacky Smith and others.
In January 2009, the new triple CD of Italian star EnricoRuggeri was released and can be heard on the 3.title of QueenMania. Live recordings in Alcatrazin Milanon 24.November 2007 -a truly impressive tribute to Freddie Mercury.FurtherCD releases of the band have followed.
Queen -probably the most successful rock band of the70s-and 80s has long been a legend,celebrating here every evening through QueenMania some kind of a glorious revival!

The songs of Queen, especially the countless hits such as RadioGaga,I Want It All, Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Killer Queen, We Are The Champions and many more,have set high standards, andthe band, led by Freddie Mercury has made him almostimmortal.

Mercury was probably right about the title of one of his greatest hits:
"Show Must Go On!" ...

This appeal has followed ForeverQueen performed by QueenMania a teach concert with a splendid performance!

Freddie Mercury would have loved QueenMania

Even though the life of Farookh Bulsara ended on 24th November 1991 –he would have been more than pleased if he could now see the band QueenMania on stage and have and would certainly be satisfied looking at the costumes of his representatives. Apart from his distinctive outfits, Mercury was known for his glamorous poses, which he used to offer his fans an unforgettable concert experience every time. QueenMania doesn’t fall short of those either. From Zanzibar out into the world of Music, Farookh Bulsara later founded the excellent band Queen through which he consequently also found his musical home. A singer like Freddie Mercury transformed music into a special event. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that the fans ofrom back then still like hearing and appreciating the music of Queen.

Forever Queen for young and old

The band QueenMania manages until today not only to get young fans excited and looking forward to the show Forever Queen and the music behind it, but also just as excited to sing along with all the hits. This translates into absolute vibrant joy for life on stage and is just much more than just another cover band that interprets wonderful hits without heart and soul. The original band, together with the legendary guitarist Brian May is still strongly connected to the music world and with a new cast, still performs wonderful concerts.  But through QueenMania, the true band Queen is brought back to life. Someone who has once experienced Freddie Mercury with his band live on stage will always think back to those exciting times when just the name Queen was enough to make an impact.
There are many bands with brief success stories in the music world, but an exceptional band such as Queen will always live on as long as people keep loving the music and as long as bands such as QueenMania are there to create the feeling that Queen together with Freddie Mercury can be relived and experience on stage yet once again.

Limited VIP-Tickets

There are 16 limited VIP-Arrangements in every German city during the tour, which you can book on only. One VIP package includes the seat in your favourite price category and the following services:

  • Welcome Drink and Welcome Gift (Surprise!)
  • A Gift to remember (VIP-Pass with Lanyard) + tour poster
  • Meet & Greet + Entrance separately + leave your jacket for free

Surcharge to the regular tickets: 29,90 €, available in every category.


Children between 7-12 years 10,00 € for every ticket; groups of 10 or more 5,00 € for every ticket.