A love story told in clicks

Irish Culture Events Berlin

vom 01.01.2017

Dance Masters! Best of Irish Dance swept away an enthusiastic audience in Berlin’s Tempodrom with a well balanced show of Irish dancing, tunes and songs embedded into a timeless story of love, passion and jealousy

‘Dance Master’ Patrick has a lot of foot work to do on the long road to his beloved Kate’s heart. Training a dance company for a show, Patrick falls for the beautiful dancer – who, unfortunately, does not seem to notice, let alone reciprocate his feelings as she’s dating fellow dancer Kevin.

A journey through time

It’s a simple plot, but it sets the scene for a lot of breathtaking performances of energetic Irish tap dance sets in perfect sync. Woven into it is an entertaining cultural history of Irish dancing which developed in close connection with traditional Irish music. The characteristic tap dancing that was made one of Ireland’s most successful cultural exports by shows like Riverdance during the 1990s, however, emerged first during the 18th century due to the often confined spaces for dancing during a music session.

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