Hello Peter


A tribute to Peter Alexander

with the music of Peter Alexander, Caterina Valente, Heinz Erhardt and many others.


With a lot of swing, music and comedy, the beer garden of the legendary Austrian inn “Im weissen Rössl” is invited. Based on the classic musical comedy by Ralph Benatzky and the cult film version from 1960 with Peter Alexander, the story of the head waiter in love with his landlady is revived.

Besides, the most different characters, from the lisping chambermaid over the clumsy waiter up to the weighty Berlin hotel guest and his flirt-loving daughter provide for a successful portion of entertainment and mix up the day at the Wolfgangsee properly.

The idea for this homage in the form of an “ideal world” musical came from entertainer Peter Grimberg.

In “Servus Peter” he takes on the role of the eager waiter Peter, who with charming ideas and the support of Horst Freckmann as “Heinz Erhardt” and many others wants to win over his lady of the heart, landlady Mariandl.

Servus Peter – A musical journey into the Schlager era

The six-member ensemble around Peter Grimberg takes its audience musically and entertainingly into the time of the great stars. The music of Peter Alexander, the famous Austrian singer, actor and entertainer, as well as the hits of the 50s and 60s are appropriately integrated into the plot of “Servus Peter”.

In addition to Peter Alexander, the musical successes of Caterina Valente, Heinz Erhardt and many others can be heard. The music list of this musical includes songs such as “The little pub”, “I count my sorrows every day”, “Souvenirs – Souvenirs”, “All Paris dreams of love” or “I don’t want chocolate”.

Peter is just Peter…

Peter Grimberg is the main actor of the “ideal world” musical “Servus Peter”. He plays head waiter Peter and thus comes very close to his great idol Peter Alexander. The latter was one of the most popular artists in the entertainment industry in the mid-1950s.

Despite the many professional similarities to his role model, the entertainer remains true to himself, his singing, playing and charm. He does not copy, but exudes boyish good humor. Thus, even the ladies are sure: “You just have to like him. Peter is just Peter!”

Lake Wolfgang invites you

Take a vacation and escape from everyday life? Then off to Wolfgangsee in Austria to the “Weisse Rössl”.

The “heile Welt” musical “Servus Peter”, unique and popular in Germany, makes it possible.

Brilliant performers with heart, brilliant voices and with a strong dash of humor. With the unforgotten Schlager hits by Peter Alexander, Caterina Valente & Heinz Erhardt.

Press commentaries:

“The audience sings and sways along.” ARD Brisant

“Lead actor Peter Grimberg is completely convincing.” Cologne City Gazette

“Easy world, that’s great!” Premiere guest Jürgen Drews

“It was wonderful!” Westphalian News

Duration: 2015 – 2017