The world as a guest in the Middle Kingdom

The new tour of the CHINESE NATIONAL CIRCUS 2016/2017


New program, new wonders! Also in the upcoming season 2016/2017 the unity of body, mind and soul will be brought closer to a European audience by our exceptional artists. After the CHINESE NATIONAL CIRCUS in the last years on the basis of stories in, with and around legendary locations, cities and metropolises of China their strange & fascinating culture of a broad visitor layer could make successfully accessible, one wants to hold in the producer team to this series absolutely. Therefore, after the success shows like Shanghai Nights, Forbidden City and Chinatown, the last missing hotspot from the Middle Kingdom follows logically: HONG KONG!


Hong Kong was the British Crown Colony in the South China Sea from the middle of the 19th century to the end of the last century, surrounded by the great omnipresent Middle Kingdom. It is not least due to this special position between the worlds that trade, economy and population boomed in this city. Today, this region is still one of the most densely populated areas in the world. And thus the steady life in the fast lane there is predestined to symbolize the spirit of this city, the bustle of China, the industriousness of the Chinese, the growth of trade and the progress of life, in the all-Asian region. Committed to its millennia-old tradition and turned towards the new modern world, Hong Kong is seeking its place in the global competition of metropolises.

The Chinese National Circus invites you!

As the plot line of the new show – like a metaphor – this tense situation is reflected in an old Victorian grand hotel. From here, people from all over the world, from all walks of life, set out to immerse themselves in the mysterious Chinese culture, to explore it and themselves, to do business, to trade, or simply to find happiness. The magic of progress meets traditional Asian poetry and relieved laughter follows the acrobatic sensation. The circus ingredients are perfectly suited to create acrobatic fireworks in a class of their own. Circus meets Asia, magic amazes, artists enchant and the clowns touch. Award-winning acrobatics from the Middle Kingdom will once again defy the laws of gravity. Beautiful snake girls, elegant handstand artists, charismatic vase jugglers, clowns and acrobats come together like mosaic pieces to form a great whole at the HONGKONG HOTEL and take the viewer on a journey.

So let us also take you to a foreign fascinating world. Be moved by this world-class ensemble!

Term: 2017