The International Magic Tenors



A top-class show experience


These are voices! That is passion! That is real enthusiasm! The eight tenors are back on the road in Germany from the end of December – don’t miss this fast-paced musical stage show!

The last tour was a complete success – the charming gentlemen swept the audience in Germany off their feet: The successful mixture of first-class live singing, witty moderations, dance interludes and stage show fascinated the lovers of various music styles equally.

With powerful voices and full of joie de vivre, the INTERNATIONAL MAGIC TENORS now present musical highlights non-stop: from German hits to pop anthems and great rock songs to classical arias, the show scores with an extremely versatile program.
With their unique voices, the INTERNATIONAL MAGIC TENORS interpret songs sometimes traditionally – sometimes in a new way and give the audience a top-class show experience.

With dynamic stage presence and a fabulous repertoire, the young performers deliver over two hours of rousing entertainment.
Irish producer Michael Durkan has been working enthusiastically with the spirited, international artists for years – their love of music and passion for the show are the sparks that immediately fly and ignite the audience.

INTERNATIONAL MAGIC TENORS – not only something for the ears

Each of the tenors, who in addition to their vocal training have also studied acting professionally, will also be in the spotlight as soloists during the fast-paced show. Duet, quartet or polyphonic a cappella songs may not be missing in the program either. And that’s not all: The attractive appearance of these young stars is virtually “the icing on the cake” of the event: Ears and eyes alike find pleasure in the charming singers.

This furious singing show takes the hearts of the audience by storm – a magical night to marvel and enjoy! A gala that enchants young and old alike.

Eight tenors with powerful voices on one stage, the audience can once again see with enthusiasm that there is also singing art that does not have to be improved by technique. This fast-paced stage show is simply not to be missed and the INTERNATIONAL MAGIC TENORS prove that the title of their show is not an exaggeration, because here you can really feel the magic of the most beautiful voices and music.

INTERNATIONAL MAGIC TENORS – from Classic to Pop and Rock

As a man, you should always keep a close eye on your companion at this event, because the charm of these tenors can soften many a woman’s heart. Of course, these gentlemen of music show their skills with classical arias, but also German hits or popular rock songs become a special experience with the voices of the INTERNATIONAL MAGIC TENORS. There is a wide variety of songs with beautiful background music, but these men are so well trained and equipped with the best voices that the art of a capella singing can also be performed by them in the highest quality. Popular vocal pieces such as Granada inspire the audience and whether as a solo artist, but also in pairs or threes, here you can hear voices that, moreover, in unison can give a true vocal experience.

Hits like “Ave Maria”, “Twist and Shout” or “Cry me a River” become a sound experience, and once the hit song “Mit 66 Jahren” is sung, the audience no longer wants to sit still in their seats. Singing along here is a nice change from sitting around quietly at other events. “Whiskey in the Jar”, “Song of Joy”, “Que sera” and also Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma”, those who can enjoy this event will always hear songs that have delighted millions of music fans. The international vocal artists come from countries such as Australia, Ireland, England, Wales and Finland. International tenors such as Derek Paul Moloney, the Finn Riku Rokkanen or William John Mulvey inspire not only the female audience with their special charm and musical ability.

THE INTERNATIONAL MAGIC TENORS do not only want to impress the audience with their singing, they also offer small entertaining interludes, which make the evening with them very entertaining and every concert a real musical event.

Duration: 2011 – 2015