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“Shadows carry you off into a dream world” (Schwetzinger Zeitung)

“Enchanting spectacle of dance and acrobatics” (Mitteldeutsche Zeitung)

“A masterpiece of choreography and quite great artistic skill” (Delme Report).

Close your eyes. Do you remember your childhood and the little silhouettes your father conjured on the wall with his hands? Or the streetlights that cast your childlike image in the dark? Shadows have always been extraordinary. They play tricks on us, they transform into beings and come alive in their own unique way.

But when human shadows suddenly become multi-dimensional structures, animals, even entire cities – then you’re right in the middle of the spectacular shadow show AMAZING SHADOWS! There are rockets flying, wild lions roaring, vintage cars racing through the streets – unique illusions of dark shadows that have nothing in common with the cozy wall shadows.

“Unbelievable!” shout the spectators, “How do they do that? I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Pictures / Video

AMAZING SHADOWS – Shadow dance theater on the highest level

Yes, it is really incredible and magical what the internationally renowned artistry ensemble SHADOW THEATRE DELIGHT brings to the stage. Unforgettable moments of first-class performances, rousing music and colorful plays of colors captivate visitors worldwide! You can hardly believe what you see, because it’s actually not there – or is it?!

No wonder that the demand for tickets for this unique show is unbroken. That’s why the Theater der Illusionen is once again touring the world in 2018/2019 and will even stop at your doorstep.

Let yourself be enchanted by new, fresh ideas and be carried away into a truly magical world. An experience for the whole family that you will not forget!

“The illusion of this fairy-tale world is completed by atmospheric music, beautiful background images and the skillful use of decorative color and sophisticated lighting effects,” according to the Freie Presse in the 2017/18 season.

Look forward to AMAZING SHADOWS – and become part of a show that is more colorful, breathtaking and fascinating than you ever dared to dream!


All artists of the show

Olga Umanska – Management/Choreography

Olga is the soul and heart of “Shadow Theatre Delight”. She inspires and motivates, actively and decisively solves problems and overcomes obstacles. She always has the team’s well-being and future in mind.

Alina Korol – Technical Director

Alina has been doing rhythmic gymnastics since she was 5 years old. With enormous willpower and the goal always in mind, she has matured into a master of her craft. In addition to her involvement with Shadow Theatre Delight, she coaches young female athletes in sports gymnastics and prepares young performers for their theatrical careers.

Maryna Slizkova

Maryna graduated from the Kiev University School of Physical Education with a degree in choreography. Already for 16 years her whole life has revolved around Modern Choreography. She became Ukrainian champion several times in her age category. She now shows all her skills and creativity at “Shadow Theatre Delight.”

Anastasiia Shapovalenko

Anastasiia has been dancing since she was 6 years old. She graduated from the University of Kiev Sports College in choreography. Since then, she has been continuously developing with the “Shadow Theatre Delight”. She is full of energy and enthusiasm especially for shadow dancing and is constantly on the move. In her free time she is involved in social projects and participates in beauty contests.

Yuliia Vasylenko

Yuliia studied rhythmic gymnastics for 5 years and graduated from the University of Physical Education with a degree in choreography. She has been dancing for 14 years in folk, pop and modern dance styles and has won awards with a dance team at many dance festivals and competitions. In her free time she likes to meet with friends in nature. She also coaches a children’s dance group. one.

Leonid Skrypka – Technical Director

Leonid’s life is all about computer technology and modern art. He is bubbling over with creativity and constantly strives for personal development and improvement. His skills and extensive knowledge make him an indispensable team member. He is both technical director and performing artist and fulfills both positions to perfection.

Vadym Aksonenko

Vadym finished his studies at the university with a degree in physical education. He spent 10 years in professional football and mixed martial arts sports. In his free time Vadym likes traveling and sports. He is always in a good mood and enterprising and constantly brings new ideas and impulses to the shadow dance theater.

Andrii Malakh

Since his early childhood Andreii dances standard dance. During his school years and studies he performed at various concerts, festivals, competitions and tournaments. He graduated as a choreographer and then worked in the coaching field. In his free time, Andreii enjoys playing volleyball with friends. He also enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures and people.

Yurii Vasylenko

Yurii is a dancer (preferably hip-hop) and parkour athlete. He is always in a good mood, positive and full of enthusiasm. He also loves and lives the shadow dance.

Artem Sorokin

Sports and creativity have always defined Artem’s life. He started his artistic career with acrobatics and painting and later with dance and fire shows. Currently he is active as a weightlifter and works as a coach. Shadow dance theater is a great way for him to combine his athletic skills with his creativity.




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