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DANCE MASTERS! Best of Irish Dance

Experience the history of the DANCE MASTERS


“… a turbulent, energetic and varied Irish dance show with twelve professionals…” (Geislinger Zeitung)

“True masters of tap dance” (HNA)

Kombine a pinch of Irish joie de vivre with breathtaking tap dancing at the highest level. This is the recipe for success of the DANCE MASTERS, who will captivate you with passion in no time at all. Ireland is notorious for its dance culture, the rhythm is in the blood of the Irish – and that is contagious.


One look at their faces and you know what unites this culture. It is a feeling of freedom, a kind of euphoria that expresses: let’s preserve our art, let’s enjoy the moment, because happiness can only be found here. And they are the best at it.

Of course, there is no cheating involved. Through their life-affirming attitude, they love and live their art and inspire in a fascinating way. This only works with live sung and played music. The Irish band skillfully accompanies the love story of Patrick and Kate with guitar rhythms, fiddle sounds with traditional pipes and original Irish vocals. They are authentic, you have to give them that. Irish tap dancers perform in original costumes to unique Irish melodies. Nimble step sequences, melodic clicking dances and traditional Irish folk music will enchant you on a time travel through Ireland of the last 200 years.

Pictures & videos from the past seasons

Irish tap dance at the highest level

Behind the DANCE MASTERS is impressive entertainment and an infectious dynamic. However, its history is no less significant. “Dance Masters,” also called itinerant dance instructors, first appeared in 1750 to teach the Irish how to dance. While each Dance Master made a district their own, they would occasionally meet in large marketplaces.


There they exchanged their dance skills by competing against each other in competitions. The decisive factor was the number of steps they delivered on the floor. The DANCE MASTERS combine these precisely executed “clicks” in sophisticated choreographies. Through their energetic performance, they are so happy to prove their skills again and again.

In every show the DANCE MASTERS set the highest standards for themselves and score with the highest quality through accurate steps. So they make sure that they exceed your expectations the Irish joie de vivre spills over to you. As entertaining as in an Irish pub and as impressive as the cultural diversity of Ireland. Tap dance, song and music all in one – and then also from one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There is no more fitting event for modern entertainment with traditional elements.


For you, the DANCE MASTERS will transform the stage into old Ireland and prepare a magical event that you will not soon forget. Look forward to masterful dance perfection in an intoxicating atmosphere of the Irish way of life.

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All artists of the show

Michal Zubalik

A native of the Czech Republic, Michal didn’t start Irish dancing until he was 19. Thanks to his natural talent, passion and dedication, he quickly improved his skills and won many European competitions and championships. Soon after, he became a full-time professional dancer and began his career dancing in many productions around the world. In more than 7 years of his career, he danced as a backline dancer, lead dancer and dance captain throughout Europe, USA and Asia. This year Michal is looking forward to returning to “Dance Masters” for the 5th time. Besides Irish dance, Michal has a great passion for fitness, aerial acrobatics and horseback riding.

Jordann Cook

A native of Dublin, Ireland, Jordann began attending Irish dance classes at the age of three at what is now known as “The Academy School Dublin”. Throughout her competitive dance career, she won many titles, including multiple All-Ireland, Leinster and Dublin World titles, and steadily earned Top 5 placements. Jordann decided to expand her skills by becoming a professional Irish dancer and joined GFD Promotions in 2016 when she toured Germany with “Dance Masters”. She is excited to return to Germany with the cast of “Dance Masters” again this year.

Caoimhe Quinn

Caoimhe began Irish tap dancing at the age of 4 at “Tara Dance Academy.” She was a member of the “Spotlight Stage School” where she was trained in various styles of dance and acting. Because of her training, she has performed in some of Ireland’s finest theaters and concert halls. Caoimhe joined GFD Promotions in 2014 and toured Germany with “Dance Masters”, China and Poland with “Gaelforce Dance” and America and Canada with “Celtic Nights”. When not on tour, she performs as a dancer at the famous “Taylors Three Rock”, Irish Night and Cabaret.

Ruth Charles

Ruth is from Dublin/Ireland and started dancing at the age of 4 at the “Saul School of Irish Dance CRN”. At the age of 9 she transferred to the “O’Shea School of Irish Dance”. There she performed for several years and participated in various competitions. She won the Leinster Championships and was among the top ten finishers at the Irish and British National Championships. She also won world medals in individual and team championships. In 2017, she started her professional Irish dance career on the show “Celtic Legends,” where she later became a lead dancer. Ruth has toured and danced with many shows such as “Dulaman”, “KLIX”, “Slidestep”, “Celtic Rhythm” through various cities in Europe, Asia, Canada and South America and was most recently featured as the principal dancer on “Celtic Gold”.

Holly Dalton Heath

Hailing from Belfast/Ireland, Holly started dancing at the age of 5 at the “Mulvenna Academy”. She participated in majors such as the “All Ireland” and the World Championships, finishing 3rd in her region and 14th in the world. Since then she has toured Europe, America, China and Taiwan with shows such as “Magic of the Dance”, “Danceperados of Ireland”, “Ragús”, “Gaelforce” and “Feet of Flames”.

Jamie Hennessy

Jamie began his Irish dance journey at the age of 6 in Dublin, Ireland. With the help of his dance teachers, he soon discovered his passion. He won 7 regional championships, including 2nd place at the Irish Nationals. Jamie also got the opportunity to perform in Ireland and internationally. After performing in domestic shows such as “Celtic Dance Fusion,” “Taylors Three Rock Irish Cabaret,” “Klix dance Company” and “Laochra” in Croke Park, he then went on to tour with shows such as “Celtic Rhythm of Ireland,” “Avalon,” “Titanic Dance” and “Dance Masters.” Jamie’s passion for dancing has inspired him to pursue his career in Irish dance and looks forward to the future of his dance journey.

Jason Hardaker

Jason was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he began dancing at the age of 7. He achieved great success in his dancing career, winning several South African Irish Dance titles over the years and dancing at both international and world levels. In 2015, under the guidance of teacher Lindy Raizenberg, Jason successfully passed his TCRG (teacher) exam and opened the “Hardaker Academy of Irish Dance”. Jason recently returned from touring the UK with “Gaelforce Dance” and is looking forward to joining the “Dance Masters” ensemble.

Joe Fee

Joe has been dancing for 11 years. He has danced in competitions around the globe, placing 4th, 5th and 9th in the world. He has been touring since the age of 17, performing in Germany, Spain, Malta and the USA. He is very much looking forward to his first tour with the “Dance Masters”.to the future of his dance journey.

Niamh McMahon

Niamh is from Dublin/Ireland and started dancing at the age of three. She then attended the “Jackie O’Leary” dance school for ten years. She participated in many championships around the world, winning the Leinster Championships and achieving top 5 placements in many major championships, such as the British Nationals and Irish Nationals. She received a world medal and placed in the top 10 of the “All Irelands” several times. Niamh began dancing professionally in Dublin 8 years ago with “Celtic Rhythm” and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.

Katie Gibbons

Katie is originally from County Mayo/Ireland and now lives in Dublin. After Katie completed her BA in Irish Music and Dance at the “University of Limerick” in 2016, she began working professionally as a dancer and touring. In her career to date, Katie has toured Europe, China, North and South America, and Australia, performing in various prestigious theaters and venues, including the “Olympia” in Paris and the National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing.

Shane Fitzgerald

Shane is from Boston/Massachusetts and started Irish tap dancing at the age of 8. With the “Harney-Pender-Keady Academy” Shane performed in numerous competitions in the USA as well as in Ireland, England and Scotland. In his solo career, he placed first at the New England Regional Championships and 13th at the World Championships. In 2013, Shane was a member of the Ceili World Championship team. He has been dancing professionally since 2017 and has toured the U.S. with shows such as “Rhythm in the Night,” the “Irish Dance Spectacular,” and the “Celtic Angels of Ireland.”

Taylor Reardigan

Taylor is a native of Newfoundland, Canada and is a born artist. After graduating from high school, she pursued her dream of performing at the “American Music and Dramatic Academy” in New York. She entered the musical theater program and now holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in musical theater. After graduation, she performed on several TV shows, including “Power,” “Blue Bloods,” “Elementary,” “The Blacklist” and MTV. She has toured worldwide with “The Spirit of Ireland” and “Michael Londras Celtic Fire.”

Barry Tierney

Guitar & Vocals

Barry Tierney is a multiple international award winning singer and songwriter from Kinsale in Southern Ireland. His unique singing voice and writing style are distinctly Irish and have won him fans at home and abroad. He has already been honored with awards by Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees and Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats, as well as by Jimmy Deenihan, the Irish Minister for the Arts. In 2014, Barry topped the Irish iTunes charts with his critically acclaimed album Hotel “Alamar,” which led to him signing a lifetime publishing deal with Universal Music Berlin. Barry has toured extensively throughout Russia, Germany and the U.S. and has played at many festivals in Ireland, the UK and beyond.

Aisling Sage


Aisling is a traditional Irish fiddle player. Hailing from the small village of Kilbrittain in West County Cork/Ireland, her playing has been inspired by many genres and thousands of musicians from around the world. She began playing classical and traditional violin at the age of six and also plays other instruments such as the saxophone and uilleann pipes.

Andrew Kelly

Flute & Bagpipes (Uilleann Pipes)

Fionn is a multi-instrumentalist from Dublin/Ireland. He began his musical journey with the fife before specializing in the flute and uilleann pipes (bagpipes). Fionn was the Senior Uilleann Pipes Champion of Ireland in 2016. He participated in many musical projects, including various orchestral performances, many different tours in the UK and Canada. Fionn has a very traditional musical background, but is now exploring the more modern styles of Irish music. Fionn enjoys the energy that every performance gives him and he loves the atmosphere that music can create for him and all listeners.




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