FOREVER QUEEN – The Ultimate Tribute



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FOREVER QUEEN – The Ultimate Tribute

Forever Queen brings a piece of music history back to life


“Very close to Freddie Mercury” (Nordwest Zeitung)

“…Memories of rock giants…” (Zossener Rundschau)

“The Queen Myth Lives Forever” (Neue Westfälische).

Auch more than 25 years after the tragic death of their singer and frontman Freddie Mercury, the great songs of Queen remain immortal – and thanks to FOREVER QUEEN they can now be experienced live again in an authentic way!
Whether beautiful ballads like WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER or rock hits like I WANT IT ALL, operatic works like BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY or disco hits like RADIO GAGA and I WANT TO BREAK FREE –

and, of course, the stadium anthems WE WILL ROCK YOU and WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: Hardly any other band in music history has been as versatile, versatile and creative as Queen, hardly any has so many fans and admirers to this day, hardly any has provided so much material for books, musicals and, most recently, films.
(Bohemian Rhapsody; theatrical release: 01.11.2018)

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Four virtuoso musicians from Italy have dedicated themselves to the repertoire of their great idols and bring it on stage as true to the original as possible with the tribute show FOREVER QUEEN.
A high-quality stage design, an opulent light show, detailed costumes and the songs played live in powerful sound will make you believe to experience Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon personally live on stage. With exactly the sense of pathos and grand gestures that are as much a part of Queen’s highly emotional music as the impressive lead vocals or soulful guitar solos. Especially singer Sonny Ensabella in the role of Freddie Mercury has proven time and again over the years that he is not only visually but also vocally impressively close to his role model.

But also his band colleagues are all studied musicians, excellently trained and with years of stage experience at the highest level.
So it’s no coincidence that FOREVER QUEEN – The Ultimate Tribute has been causing a sensation on the stages of Europe for many years – and due to the unbroken demand is now coming to Germany again! A wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of one of the greatest bands in rock history.


Because these four musicians do not interpret Queen’s songs – they live them!


True to the motto: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

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