One Moment In Time – The Whitney Houston Story


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One Moment In Time – The Whitney Houston Story

Live performed by Nya King, Band, Choir and Dancecrew


Not Affiliated with the Estate of Whitney Houston

Dhe cult around the charismatic entertainer and pop legend continues! Years after her death, Whitney Houston and her musical legacy remain among the best that American pop music has ever produced.


The tribute event “One Moment In Time” offers all fans the opportunity to experience the greatest hits of the pop diva once again “live” – just as if Whitney herself was standing on stage!


Nya King is the show’s protagonist and one of the world’s best Whitney performers ever. “Whitney Houston’s voice, incredible energy and charisma have fascinated me since my early childhood” says Nya King, presenting a first class performance to the audience every night.

One Moment In Time” is an energetic and breathtakingly authentic reminder of Whitney`s musical career and her countless hits.


Accompanying Nya King, who was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in London, is an outstanding live band, choir and dance crew. Multimedia and a true-to-the-original light show already make this tribute an absolute highlight of the concert year 2022/2023.

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