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Tickets are available in both our stores. Secure your desired seats now!

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THE BEATLES live again


“…the best Beatles since the Beatles…” (Ostthüringer Zeitung)

Come together for THE BEATBOX!
They started a musical revolution in the early 60s and are still the band with the most number 1 hits worldwide. They shaped an entire era and pioneered everything that followed in pop music. The trade magazine “Rolling Stone” recently voted her number 1 among the 100 “greatest musicians of all time”.

We are talking of course about the “Fab Four” from Liverpool, England: The Beatles!

From SHE LOVES YOU and CAN’T BUY ME LOVE to YESTERDAY, HEY JUDE and HELP to YELLOW SUBMARINE and LET T BE – the songs, mostly composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, all became global hits that deserve to be discovered by younger generations.

And those who were young in the Swingin’ Sixties and crazy Seventies have remained fans to this day anyway.

Pictures / Video

Very close to the original

Now there is the opportunity to experience the music of the Beatles live in a fascinating way – whether you want to indulge in nostalgia or rediscover pearls of pop music: Because THE BEATBOX offer a spectacular show that goes far beyond what a conventional tribute band can do.


With attention to detail, down to the hairstyles, facial expressions and gestures of the individual musicians, the four exceptional musicians from Italy bring the Sixties and Seventies back to concert halls all over Europe with original instrumentation and authentic outfits.

For the love of music – and for the love of the great time of the Beatles, when pop music awoke. The costumes were designed by the same tailor who at that time outfitted US tours of the “Fab Four”. And it goes without saying that the songs are performed true to the original and musically perfect down to the smallest detail – even the bass is played left-handed in Paul McCartney style!


Come with us on a highly entertaining journey through time – you’ll feel like John, Paul, George and Ringo have never been away…

All artists of the show

Riccardo Bagnoli

Paul McCartney

Riccardo learned solfége and music theory as well as playing saxophone guitar, drums, piano and bass guitar. As a professional musician he played in the most important Italian theaters such as Verona, Rome, Milan or Florence and is known from TV and radio. As “Paul McCartney” he is on tour worldwide with “The Beatbox”. Especially for this role, he also learned to play the bass guitar left-handed – just like the great role model.

Mauro Sposito

John Lennon

Born in Sicily, he has already worked with major orchestras in Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, Rome and Trieste. He performed in the famous Italian band “New Trolls” and with many first class artists like Loredana Bertè or Gino Paoli. With Alfio Vitanza he founded “The Beatbox” and has since toured worldwide, including Central Europe, Russia, Azerbaijan, USA, New Zealand and Mexico.

Filippo Caretti

George Harrison

At the age of 7 Filippo started playing the guitar and at 12 he had his first public performance at a Beatles festival. At the age of 15 he decided to study classical guitar and double bass as well as music history, music theory, analysis and composition. However, his great passion for the electric guitar always led him back to the music of the Beatles and he specialized in the technique and tuning ability of George Harrison. After years of live performances and TV show’s he is a permanent part of “The BeatBox” since February 2018.

Federico Franchi

Ringo Starr

Born in Firenze, Federico spent his childhood with famous Italian musicians, as his father Renzo worked as a composer for famous bands and solo artists. He learned guitar and drums in his youth and began playing the music of the Beatles when he was 15. He became enthralled with Ringo’s playing style and changed his style of drumming to a vintage swing feel. In the last 15 years he has recorded several albums with different Italian artists. Since 2008 he has been collaborating with the most famous Italian Beatles tribute bands.




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