The Music of James Bond



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The Music of James Bond & More

25 Movies – One show – All The Hits Live

Band & Singers – Artists & Stunts

Live Music meets Live Action: An unforgettable tribute to great cinema moments!


Who does not immediately have the secret agent in the tuxedo in mind, who does not see him directly with the gun at the ready before him, when he hears the title melodies of the respective “James Bond” – films, immortally embodied by some of the best actors such as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig? Who doesn’t immediately think of Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible” or Matt Damon in “The Bourne Identity” when the succinct music of these hit films is heard? Who doesn’t immediately remember breakneck chases, thrilling duels and daring stunts?


The grandiose songs from such cinema classics or “Kingsmen” form the backbone of this new, fast-paced Music & Action – Show: THE MUSIC OF JAMES BOND & MORE! The immortal titles from 25 films performed live by a first-class band, accompanied by a breathtaking stunt show with top artists and sexy ladies: An explosive mixture that inspires.


With or without a martini to get you in the mood, this show will intoxicate you and transport you to the mysterious world of smart secret agents and treacherous traitors, devilish villains and seductive ladies.

Enjoy an exciting trip through the history of film and music, captivating for eyes and ears, and all without 3 D – glasses – because everything happens live and in real time before your eyes!


A top-class stunt crew conjures up live action on stage, the likes of which are usually only seen in the movies – and without tricks and cuts like in the movies, but real and without a false bottom! In addition, the rocking sound of the top-class live band inspires, which knows how to create goose bumps with the great music of artists such as Paul McCartney, Adele, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey and many others.


The authentic costumes of the artists, a professional light show as well as gripping film scenes on the screen round off this passionate homage to great cinema moments, which should not only inspire film fans, but everyone who likes excitement, fast-paced action and first-class live music.


From October 2021 finally for the first time on German stages – and this due to the enormous interest immediately in more than 100 cities: THE MUSIC OF JAMES BOND & MORE promises in the truest sense of the word “completely large cinema”.


This show will grip you, shake you – and certainly move you at moments …

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