Celtic Angels



Magic Moments Live


Irish folklore and great hits from pop & classical reinterpreted and a selection of the most beautiful songs in the world – a touching and rousing show for all fans of Celtic culture.

The Celtic Angels truly perform like angels from bygone Celtic worlds. The attractive singers let their voices sound virtuously to traditional music. Tin whistle, violin and uilleann bagpipes – the Irish bagpipes – provide the authentic sound of the mystical as well as folk music, which celebrates true triumphs worldwide. The Irish Harp also takes on a special role, since according to Celtic legend it is an angelic instrument that connects heaven and earth.

Experience Magic Moments Live at Celtic Angels

Newly interpreted by the best Irish singers and traditional Celtic instruments.

The Celtic Angels captivate with their interpretations of popular hits from pop and classical music. Especially the emotional ballads fascinate in their clarity, not least because of the sonorous live singing. These scenarios are musically framed by the uniquely played violin. Celtic culture always takes the central role: mystical, mysterious sounds alternate with modern yet traditional dance music from the Emerald Isle. All singers show their true skills and sing 100% live.

The Celtic Angels have show experience and success around the globe. In 2015 they are finally back on stage together. Together they create a grandiose connection between spirituality, poetry, music and song. This show is pure magic: it brings Celtic culture to life and builds a spectacular bridge to celebrated contemporary favorites.

A stylish music event for all generations.

Press comments

Südhessen Morgen on the event in Worms 2013

“Clad in white dresses and framed by spectacular lighting effects, they breathe a Latin chant into the hall. And there it is – the mysterious atmosphere of this fabled land of Ireland.”

Lippe Aktuell on the event in Lemgo 2013

“Bell-clear voices created goosebumps among the audience, which quickly became enthralled.”

Duration: 2013 – 2015